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Bet You Thought You Seen The Last of Me.

As the great Megan Thee Stallion once said..."I am in my bag."

I knew that I truly need to get back into it with "Media Princess" because she is truly my baby. Life got so crazy but I truly never forgot her. So FINALLY with the world's craziest junior year of college behind me, I am finally getting back into my craft and what I wanna do in the future. And without a doubt, I know that is making my own content.

Directing. Producing. Writing. MY own movies. Television shows. Broadway shows. I wanna do it ALLLL and then some. And I knew I needed a platform to share my thoughts about these topics alll the way back when I published the site in 2016 (that sounds like CENTURIES ago I am sick). So everyone...welcome TO THE REVIVAL OF MEDIA PRINCESS. I know...hold your need for tears...I got plenty.

I was truly tryna get into my self-help bag with this blog a WHILE back...but truly I was in such a DIFFERENT headspace back then that it is not really what I wanna do anymore. I am in every sense of the word a different person...and fully aware that I got stuff to work on before I am out here preaching like I am Iyanla.

So the blog is gonna go back to its roots and be reviews about truly whatever is interesting to me. Whether that be a horror film no one has ever heard of on Netflix, me binging "Stranger Things" with the rest of Twitter, or me talking about how much "Hamilton" is a genuine work of art and how I scream-sing "Satisfied" at least twice a day. Truly whatever I want. Because it is my blog. And what I say goes *exhales* I love being the boss.

I might occasionally get into my simp bag and talk about my emotions and just life around me (because I am a Taurus empath and my life is nothing short of a rollercoaster) -- but right now my life is work. TRULY. Like obviously I got other stuff in my life...BUT WORK IS HUGE RIGHT NOW. I was recently given by GOD a beautiful internship as well as getting *drumrolls* a LIFESTYLE WRITER POSITION for a magazine. Once again..."I am in my bag." So truly all I do now is wake up, check e-mails, go to my other job (three jobs selling polos to Houston's elite for hours, come home, write, check more emails, brainstorm interviews, sneak in an episode of "Euphoria" (WHICH WILL BE DISCUSSED) or some other show I am MERCILESSLY trying to keep up with, and then literally passing out from exhaustion. And starting all over again the next day.

But while my anxiety might be a demon, I am too. So we out here. Period. We only accomplishing goals, speaking/writing positive affirmations into the universe and making our dreams come true ladies and gents!!! Thats it!!!!

New content shall be coming soon :) Pray for my sanity and get lit. Issa hot girl summer.

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