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Romance Movies Changed My Life.

Obviously I am gonna need to explain the title of this blog post. Romance movies are easily one of my favorite things ever. From the first meeting to their dramatic confessing of love, they are just fantastic. However, I grew up with the thought process that my life was gonna be exactly like that too. It all started I guess with "A Cinderella Story." I remember watching the movie with my friends when I was little and seeing the hot football player (played by Chad Michael Murray) run in the rain and kiss the nerd (played by Hillary Duff MY QUEEN). As soon as I saw that scene, I remember thinking "Wow. I can't wait for that to happen to me!!" It all went downhill from there.

I would end up watching tons of romance movies and get more and more convinced that the fantasies portrayed in them would happen to me someday. Like in "Love and Basketball," OBVIOUSLY I am going to join the basketball team (eventually) and be the star player along with my hot basketball player boyfriend. However, I could barely shoot a lay-up and all the basketball players I saw were definitely not worth my time. I just wanted something straight out of the movies -- which is probably how my daydreaming started.

I am being 10000% serious when I say I have THE most intense daydreams in the entire world. Like I can be completely focused on class and be eating ice cream with Michael B. Jordan in Paris the next. So whenever I was bored (and still kinda do today), I would daydream about my favorite movie scene and imagine me and a guy I liked in the scene (ex. definitely have dreamed about me and Trey Songz reenacting a scene from "La La Land" wayyyy too many times). By doing this, I stayed in oblivion and ignored the BLARING SIGN IN MY FACE -- LIFE ISN'T A ROMANCE MOVIE.

But obviously I ignored this fact as long as humanly possible. For me, I was determined to find the dream guy. To get those butterflies when you first see a person you like. To have the magical kiss that would never separate us (I am a HARDCORE romantic). So when I was going through middle and high school, I was looking for a serious relationship. Like I was out here looking for the guy I would marry when all the guys that surrounded me were more focused on how big my boobs and butt were rather than my heart. That trend definitely carried into college. I was looking for something serious when every guy I would be talking to would be focused on *cough* other things. I was definitely getting taken advantage of because I was so focused on getting the dream relationship I didn't care about who the person was. I wanted that Quincy and Monica ("Love and Basketball" reference) relationship ASAP.

My first semester of college HIT ME LIKE A TRUCK. I was involved with people who were truly not trying to learn about me as a person and I was letting it happen. I kept thinking that "yeah they aren't treating me right...but maybe they will have some radical change like in the movies!!" (ONCE AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: LIFE ISN'T A ROMANCE MOVIE). I was settling and rushing things because I wanted that picture-perfect relationship when all I have to do is wait. JUST. WAIT. Patience is a virtue but it's something that I am definitely not strong in. However, I was so low and disappointed that I didn't have the relationship I saw in the movies that I eventually accepted the truth.

Life isn't a romance movie. You can't force relationships to happen just because you want that perfect relationship. When you force something to happen, it usually doesn't go the way you want it to. Just chill. Be patient. Being single sucks sometimes but the reason you are single is because the person for you hasn't come yet. Hang out with your friends. Go on a Netflix binge (WATCH "THE GET DOWN"). Listen to some music (I have TONS of recommendations). You are the bomb, boo. Watch that romance movie in your room, lights low, covered in blankets and Chick-Fil-A crumbs (THIS CAN'T JUST BE ME) and be happy knowing that you will find romance someday too. Life can be a movie if you make it one -- but make sure that YOU are the person directing. Don't let some random person change the script.

Peace Out Girl Scout,

Maddie The Media Princess

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