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My Favorite Music Artists Part Two

Earlier last month I made an article where I talked about my favorite music artists. I love the ones that I recommended in the first article but there are so many more artists that I call my favorites. So here we go....I honestly don't know how many artists this is gonna be. So I am just gonna keep typing until I can't think of anymore. Also there is no order to this because I TRIED RANKING THEM AND IT WAS WAYYYYY TOO HARD.

1.) Drake: I LOVE DRAKE Y'ALL. Like ever since I heard "Best I Ever Had," he has been a prominent force in my life. I blast his music all the time. I have a t-shirt with him as Jimmy (if you wanna see it follow me on IG). He is just the best. His music gets me pumped up for the day or puts me DEEP in my feelings ("Redemption" will forever have me messed up). AND HE IS FINE. Always looking like a snack. Here's what you HAVE to hear by him:

"Best I Ever Had" -- A BOP. LISTEN TO IT. LET IT RUIN YOUR LIFE. I feel like the best rapper in the world when I rap to this song along with him.

All of "Thank Me Later" -- THERE WERE TOO MANY GOOD SONG TO CHOOSE. "Over," "Up All Night," and "Miss Me" will forever have me lit. Play this when you are about to go out or when you are getting ready for the day. It is the BEST.

"Fire and Desire" -- Super smooth and Drake's singing voice always mellows me out.

"Marvin's Room" - the ultimate "in your feelings" song. Don't listen to this at night unless you wanna actually contemplate every failed relationship you've ever had.


2.) Big Sean: Big Sean is slept on and it is a outrage. His music is SOOO good. He is one of the best lyricists (to me) and spits flames with lightning-speed. His collabs are legendary (Dance (A$$) will forever be one of my favorite songs) and the instrumentals to his songs are stunning. Don't sleep on Big Sean. ONCE AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: DON'T. SLEEP. ON. BIG. SEAN. Here are songs that I recommend:

All of "I Decided" - THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE. THE CONCEPT. THE IMAGERY. THE LYRICS. THE COLLABS (ex. "Same Time Pt. 1" with Jhené Aiko is beautiful and should not only be 90 seconds.) THE INSTRUMENTALS. LISTEN TO IT ALL OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

"Marvin and Chardonnay" - The song already had Kanye so I knew it was going to be a hit. BUT WHEN THAT BEAT DROPPED AND I HEARD THE STRING SECTION IS THE BACKGROUND IN THE INTRO?! I lost it. The lyrics are kinda raunchy but I will still get hyped to this anyway.

"Research" - This song is SO SLEPT ON and that needs to change. My wifey Ariana GrandeCAME THROUGH with vocals and his lyrics about him being suspicious about his girl and the beat will have you vibing with it immediately.

"Dance (A$$)" - One of the ultimate twerking songs.

"Play No Games" - SOOO GOOD. Ty Dolla $ign and Chris Brown add some R&B over the "Piece of My Love" sample. And as usual Big Sean is killing it.

3.) Bruno Mars: His voice is actual heaven. He has unstoppable swag and his music is incredible. So are his dance moves that he just casually pulls out to slay the crowd (also do you see that fur coat??). I was already obsessed with him after I heard "Nothin' On You" for the first time. BUT WHEN HE RELEASED 24K MAGIC????? WOW. MY WORLD CHANGED FOREVER. MY SKIN CLEARED. I WAS HAPPIER. MY HAIR WAS LAID. AND I TRULY BELIEVE IT WAS BECAUSE OF THAT ALBUM. Let Bruno Mars take control. Just let it happen. Here are songs you have to hear:

All of "24k Magic" - I have already ranted about this album (see above) but seriously listen to this. My personal favorite is "That's What I Like" - the beat is infectious and Bruno Mars singing about taking you all over the world will make you wanna quit school (kidding Mom).

His cover of "All I Ask" - The original version by Adele already had me in my feelings. BUT WHEN BRUNO PUT THAT 90's SLOW R&B TWIST ON IT??? I was sobbing the first time I heard it. Here is the link:

"Treasure" - This song gives me "Rock With You" (by MJ) vibes and I am here for it.

"It Will Rain" - I scream this song in the shower every night. Packed full of emotion and is associated with one of my favorite movie series (Don't sleep on the "Twilight" series).

4.) Eric Benét: WOWWWW ERIC BENÉT. Literally have been listening to him since I was a fetus. His voice is INCREDIBLE. His vocal range is insane, hitting notes that make you afraid about the glass near you breaking. His voice is the equivalent of sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate -- just ridiculously smooth and relaxing. His music is soothing, with lyrics about losing the love of your life to finally having someone to spend your life with. It is hella romantic (If someone sings "Spend My Life With You" to me I will cuff them on sight!!!!) and is best when belting it in the shower. It's bomb R&B and you have to listen to him. Here are songs that you can't miss:

"Spend My Life With You" - Once again...sing this song to me you will win my heart. ITS SO ROMANTIC AND THE KEY CHANGE ALWAYS LEAVES ME BALD.

"Wanna Be Loved" - Has a jazzy feel and features Eric's insane vocal range.

"Sometimes I Cry" - I WILL BELT THIS SONG ON SIGHT. The lyrics are soul-crushing and when he hits that one high note (you'll know what I am talking about) I swear I stop breathing. It is beautiful.

"News for You" - Guaranteed to have you rocking from side to side.

"You're the Only One" - A BOP. A CLASSIC. The beat will always have me jamming and hopefully you too.

5.) THE ENTIRE FREAKING CAST OF GLEE: Let me just start by saying...I will not stand for hate against this show. Expect a whole post on this show BECAUSE IT IS EPIC. BUT ANYWAY. They can all sang (not sing -- SANG). Everyone on the cast had a strong voice that would make you feel some type of way (don't get me started Amber Riley singing "Ain't No Way"). I would love the covers of songs they did on the show more than the originals. They sang almost every iconic song ever on the show and KILLED IT. LISTEN TO THEIR COVERS. TRUST ME ON THIS.

Every Christmas album they have - Yes you read that right. You need to listen to every album. Every cover is too good to miss (when Lea Michele lead the cast in "O Holy Night ?!??" I have not been the same since. Her vocals were crazy in that song).

"All By Myself" - This song has definitely put me in my feelings the fastest. While Charice was only on the show for a season, she definitely left her mark. Her vocals on this cover will literally make your jaw drop. Every time I hear it, I will legit hurt myself (by accident) singing along (ex. definitely have almost fallen off a table).

"Ain't No Way" - Easily one of the best covers on "Glee." Amber truly honored Aretha with this.

"Valerie" - I already love this song but when Naya Rivera took control? It definitely became one of my favorite covers on the show. The cover add a more pop-feel to the song which I adore.

6.) Lana Del Rey: Lana Del Rey has a voice that will put you immediately in your feelings. Her voice is so deep, powerful, and just overall stunning. It is haunting and will stay with you long after the song is over. She seriously sounds like a angel. When she hits a high note I swear I see stars. Her music is all about the triumphs and pitfalls of love so it is perfect to listen to...honestly whenever. If you listen to her late at night, you are gonna reflect on your entire love life. She is that kind of singer. Here's the songs that you have to know:

"Video Games" - I literally feel like I am in a other world listening to this song. The string section in the background makes the song 10000x times more magnificent and Lana's hypnotic voice singing about love will capture you.

"Dark Paradise" - Has a faster tempo compared to "Video Games" but is just as dreamy and fantastic. The string section in this song is even more intense to me than "Video Games."

"Blue Jeans" - The lyrics in this song tell a story of a love that she lost with a beat that low-key reminds me of something I would hear in a rap song.

"Summertime Sadness" - If the only version you have heard of this song is the remix then repent and listen to the original.

"National Anthem": Easily one of the most iconic Lana songs. The perfect song to belt when driving around or hanging with friends in the summertime.

7.) Gallant: He hits notes that are so deep and so high I didn't even think they were humanly possible. He has one of the most flexible voices in the music industry. His sound is R&B with sometimes a dubstep flair. It's beautiful and heart-breaking and just overall outstanding. While his lyrics are sometimes sad and depressing, the beat behind the song is still gonna make you dance.

LISTEN TO ALL OF "OLOGY" - Yes, I am doing this again. The whole album flows from song to song so nicely that the whole album is like going on a voyage with Gallant as the tour guide. I love the whole album but "Miyazaki" sounds like one of my all-time favorite songs ("Tell Me" by Groove Theory) so it automatically went up on my list. This album will truly open your eyes.

8.) Justin Timberlake: I have been a fan of JT ever since I heard "Bye Bye Bye" for the first time. He is a musical genius. I love all of his earlier tracks ("Lovestoned" and "Until the End of Time" are songs I will break out dancing to no matter where I am). BUT WHEN THIS MAN RELEASED "THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE?!?!?" OH MY GOSH. MY LIFE WAS CHANGED. The whole album has a R&B mixed with orchestral sound and it's seriously a work of art. LISTEN TO EVERY SONG THIS MAN HAS (including his stuff with NSYNC -- some of those songs are bops). Here are songs you must listen to:

"Cabaret" - Full of innuendos and Drake with one of the coolest beats I have ever heard, I LOVE THIS SONG.

"Pusher Love Girl" - The instrumental in this song. Y'all. It is SO GOOD. Just it alone is amazing but when JT starts singing about how his girl is a drug?? Automatic hit. The string section in the intro literally brings tears to my eyes.

"Mirrors" - Once again the instrumental is insane and when he breaks it down in the middle of the song it's TOOOO LIT.

"Rock Your Body" - Easily one of the songs I was most obsessed with in elementary school. Kinda gives me MJ vibes???

"My Love" - Literally best song about a proposal ever.

9.) Chris Brown: Chris. Brown. Wow. He is a GIANT part of my childhood. Literally grew up to his music and will forever be a fan. Not only is he a ridiculously good dancer (ex. the "Party" music video) but he can SANG. His voice is incredible and can hit ridiculous runs and notes with ease. His lyrics range from having fun in the club to doing...extra-curricular activities. He has music for every mood you are in and it goes from smooth R&B to rap to even some electronic stuff. If you haven't listened to Chris Brown at least once you have been ASLEEP BRO.


"Song on 12 Play" - Chris Brown + My husband Trey Songz + A bomb beat = a song I listen to 25/8. Kinda raunchy but it's so great.

"Poppin" - If you wanna get a party immediately turnt then play this song. Fetus Chris comes through with the vocals and when the beat drops my soul is revived.

"Strip" - Full of iconic lines and has a up-tempo beat that you can twerk and grind to.

Let me know what y'all think of these artists and make sure to subscribe in the "Contact" section!

Peace Out Girl Scout,

Maddie the Media Princess

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