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My Favorite Music Artists

For this post, I am going to be talking about my favorite music artists. I made a list to figure out which people to include and legit stared at it for three days. Narrowing it down to five (TOP FIVE TOP FIVE TOP FIVE) was EXTREMELY hard. But...I did it. Without further ado, here are five of my favorite music artists.

1.) TREY. FLIPPING. SONGZ. Ok. Y'all. Anyone who is friends with me knows how obsessed I am with this man. I can truly make an entire post on him alone. I have been in love with him since middle school. I remember the first time I saw a picture of him and I was already like "Bet. This has to be my future husband." BUT WHEN I HEARD HIM SING?!?!? It was game over. He sings with power and makes you feel every word. His music is mostly R&B but he sometimes has songs with more of a rap sound (which are always BANGERS). Every song he puts out I fall in love with. Here are some of the songs you have to hear by him:

"Jupiter Love" - as soon as you hear the first couple of will know it's a bop. IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD (I'm sorry I had to).

"Neighbors Know My Name" - It's iconic and the lyrics will have you SHOOK. I listen to this song all the time (almost too often). It's to the point where I know when he is about to knock on the wall. It's for sure one of Trey's best songs.

"Dive In" - I literally have choreography to this song. Listen to it while taking a bath it's the BEST.

"Love Faces" - ...the title explains itself. The opening dialogue in this song always has me like:

"When I met you woman..."

"...I couldn't help but notice a face so beautiful...."

"...Now imagine...the faces you would make..."

"...If we ever made love."

The song only gets better from there, y'all.

"Unusual" - Not only does it have a life--altering instrumental but it also has Drake in it so it's certified gold. The lyrics are definitely NSFW but it's a REALLY great song.

"Company" - In my opinion, it's one of the smoothest songs he's ever released. His vocals are BOMB and the beat is ridiculously easy to fall in love with. It's for sure one of my favorite songs by him.

2.) Beyoncé is a actual goddess. I have been listening literally since I came out of the freaking womb. One of my first concerts was Destiny's Child and she was INCREDIBLEEEE. Ever since I saw her strut across that stage for the first time, I have been in love with her ever since. She is one of the best singers ever. I will argue it until the day I die. Her voice is stunningly powerful and filled with raw emotion. Beyoncé's music will make you cry over a man you don't even have, feel like the most beautiful woman in the world-- even though you're in bed eating Easy Mac at 2 AM (this seriously can't just be me) -- and wanna go find the love of the life. And that's just some of the emotions her music makes me feel - and hopefully you as well. When I saw her in concert last May, I seriously sobbed more than 3 times. She is such a amazing performer. To me, she is the embodiment of "Black Girl Magic." Here are some songs I think everyone should hear by her:

EVERYTHING ON "LEMONADE": This album is seriously a work of art and I couldn't choose what specific songs y'all should listen to. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT "HOLD UP??" That whole song is already legendary but with the visuals (see the gif)?!?! Easily one of my favorite songs on the album. Seriously though, listen to everything on "Lemonade." Trust me. It's definitely worth it.

"Crazy in Love": ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC SONGS EVER. The horn section in the song killlll ittttttt. The beat automatically makes you want to get up and dance. Jay-Z's verse is the best. If you haven't heard this song then wyd????

"Rocket": It's probably just me but I totally get "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" by D'Angelo vibes from this song and it makes me love it even more. The lyrics are definitely NSFW but it's the type of song that makes you feel like the hottest woman in the entire world.

"Check on It": WHEN I TELL Y'ALL THIS SONG IS A BOP!!!!! I get hyped immediately as soon as I hear Slim Thug start his verse. This song has one of the best beats ever. You can dance and sing along with Beyoncé and then rap along with Slim Thug and Bun B. It's truly a win-win situation.

"Dance for You": Let me start by saying this -- I am not "The World's Best" dancer. I always end up having "Drake Hands" at every song I listen to while others twerk or dab or whatever.

But THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO DANCE BRO. Not like in a fast and aggressive type of way but like...y'all know what I mean. It's a RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SONG. FOR SURE LISTEN TO THIS.

"End of Time": If you ever need a song to get you hyped, here you go. The horn section in this song. The beat. The vocals. Every time I hear this song I am left bald. It's seriously one of the best songs of all time and I will keep saying this...until the end of time (I'm sorry I had to.) Ask my friends I was going IN to this song during the Homecoming Pep Rally. I will shut it down as soon as I hear it. Seriously play this song every day.

3.) Nicki Minaj- I LOVE HER. She is easily one of the best rappers in the game and she is stunning and hilarious and just AHHHH. When I saw her live in concert, I seriously had the time of my life. She sounds just like she does on the radio, gave advice to the audience and looked fierce while doing it. Her features are legendary (CAN WE TALK ABOUT "MONSTER") and she is one of the best female rappers. If we are gonna get real, she is better than some of these male rappers too *sips tea*. Her music is always fantastic and makes you feel like the baddest woman in the room. Here are some songs that y'all definitely need to hear by her:

All of "The Pinkprint": Yes, I did this again. Seriously listen to this whole album. It's her most emotional album yet and has some of her best songs ("Feeling Myself" and "Want Some More" are national treasures). "Grand Piano" is stunning and Nicki's vocals come through!!!! Overall, this is a can't miss album.

"High School": I can rap this song immediately. I have listened to it sooooo many times. Nicki's verse was already bomb but when LiL Wayne comes in???? I die. Every time. Plus this is one of the songs I can spit without even thinking so I will blast this song forever.


"Moment 4 Life": This Nicki-Drake collab will always have me shook.

4.) Young the Giant: I have loved this band since sixth grade. Their sound is definitely on the tamer side, but their music is GORGEOUS. The lead singer, Sameer Gadhia, has a voice that is truly out of this world vocally. His voice, along with the rest of the band, create music that haunts and stays with you in the best way. Their music is perfect for road trips, studying, or just hanging around your home. They have music for every mood from "in your feelings" to "super lit." DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM. Let me say it again for the people in the back: DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. THEM (Side note: listen to their acoustic sessions. They are even better than the studio recordings). Here are what I think are the songs y'all have to hear:

"Cough Syrup": This song is much like cough syrup -- it slowly makes it's way into your body and leaves you with a feeling that honestly is unexplainable. The instrumental is amazing, but if you truly listen to the lyrics you fall in love. The song is about someone wanting a prescription for the pain that life brings. Ironically, this song has brought me nothing but joy.

"Crystallized": This song means a lot to me. It has brought me out of many spouts of sadness and depression and put me in the best mood ever. It's such a feel-good song with once again an amazing instrumental and with lyrics that make you feel more alive than ever.

"Daydreamer": This song is EPIC. If you need a song to wake up to each morning, this is it. The instrumental of this song is fast-paced and full of energy. Overall, listening to this song is the equivalent of chugging a Red Bull -- you're full of energy and ready to go.

"In My Home": This is the kind of song that makes you feel like you're alive and ready to take on anything. When they change the beat in the middle of the song, it becomes a dancing song to a song you headbang to. This is my constant mood listening to this song:

"Mind over Matter": To me, this is a very emotional song. The inclusion of a string section adds even more emotion to the deep and thought--inducing lyrics Gadhia belts. When the chorus kicks in, I am belting-screaming the song. It's VERY powerful and beautiful. I cry almost every time I hear it. It will warm and shatter your heart all at the same time.

5.) Ariana Grande: I have loved her ever since "Victorious." Ever since she released "Yours Truly" her music has continued to slay me. I especially love how she remixes classic songs (ex. "The Way" samples "I'm Not a Player") and makes them her own. All of her songs have instrumentals that sound like they are from my favorite rap songs, only they have her STUNNING vocals. She is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard, hitting insanely high notes and runs effortlessly. Here are what I think are her best songs:

Everything on "Christmas and Chill": I know you're probably looking at this and thinking "...Seriously? Every song?? It can't be that good." DO NOT PLAY YOURSELF. IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD. I do not care that this is a Christmas EP. I listen to it year--round. The best song on there in my opinion is "True Love" -- the this song...will leave you bald. Honestly. Truly. This EP will for sure make you a Grande fan. Thank me later.

Everything on "Yours Truly": Yes, I am doing this again. It's my blog. Plus it's her first album and every song on here is a BOP. If you refuse to listen to my advice, at the very least listen to "Lovin' It" (a feel-good song about loving ya boo), "Right There" (featuring heartthrob Big Sean), and "Tattooed Heart" (has a doo-wop vibe and Ariana slaying the vocals once again).

"Santa Tell Me": Ariana singing about asking Santa for her guy to stick around past the holidays is one of the best Christmas songs ever. The instrumental is gorgeous and filled with Christmas vibes. Once again, I listen to Christmas music year--round so I am always listening to this song walking to class. Plus theres a break--down part that will get you HYPED.

"Be My Baby": You know those songs that make you feel like you wanna grind? You know? Like you just wanna go shut it down and tear up the dance floor even though you are walking to class? This is the song for that mood. The sensual lyrics and THE LIT INSTRUMENTAL make this a song to for sure bust out when you wanna bust a move.


"I Don't Care": It has "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" vibes and the lyrics are super empowering. It is such a good song to play when in the shower (if y'all want my shower playlist let me know). Plus Ariana's vocals once again SLAY.

In conclusion, PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE ARTISTS SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT THEM TOGETHER. I would love to hear what y'all think so message me, DM me, whatever ya want. Make sure to subscribe by clicking the "Contact" Page and entering your email so you stay up-to-date with my posts!

Peace Out Girl Scout,

Maddie the Media Princess

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