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Madelyn Gee

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About Me


What's up. My name is Madelyn Gee (formerly known as "Media Princess"). I am a Baylor Alumna (sic 'em) currently at University of Texas - Austin pursuing my Master's in Journalism. The media has always been a big part of my life and I hope to have a career as an entertainment writer (specifically as a TV show/movie critic) and eventually produce, direct, and write my own TV shows, movies, and Broadway shows. Until then, I decided to share my passionate (sometimes crazy) views with the world. I also have my other published pieces for newspapers ("The Baylor Lariat"), magazines ("The Bundle Magazine" and Lifestyle Writer for "Sage Magazine") and other media outlets (Digital Intern for "Black News Alerts", Contributing Writer for "Black Girl Nerds" ) on the site as well! I hope y'all enjoy!

Below I have my blog pieces starting at my most recent and beyond!

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